DAY 1 – relay (12:00)

New map – will be revised in 2019! Fast continentall terrain with pleny of streams and interesting relief details. Nice beech forest will be perfect for exciting relay!

DAY 1 – night sprint (21:00)

Complex city centre with some open area. Since it is small area there will be map exchange for most of categories. Start and finish will be on the main city square. Prepare your headlamp!

DAY 2 – middle distance WRE  (11:00)

One of the nicest Croatian map with mix of steep slopes around Jankovac lake and detailed plateu with numerous depressions and holes.

DAY 3 – long distance WRE (9:00)

The whole area of Jankovac map will be used! Map is covering large part of Papuk nature park with beautiful fast beech fores with a lot of details.